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Jan 31, 2022

Pella Launches Hidden Screen

Pella's hidden screen window innovation

Pella Corporation unveiled its latest innovation today – the Hidden Screen – and the company was met with resounding excitement from homeowners. Drawing on decades of screen design and innovation, the Hidden Screen is the industry’s first and only hidden screen for vinyl windows among leading national window brands.

Intuitively designed, the screen appears when you open your window and folds away when the window is closed. It is the latest innovation following the company’s award-winning launch of last year’s Easy-Slide Operator hardware solution.

“Customers want two things from their screens: keep the bugs out and let the fresh air in,” said Jenn Tuetken, senior design and insights manager, Pella Corporation. “What they don’t want is the hassle of cleaning or storing the screen, and they certainly don’t want screens to take away from the aesthetic appeal of their home. Hidden Screen solves all of that.”

More than 87 percent of Pella’s windows today are sold with screens and vinyl windows make up more than half of the total window market.

“When we look across our product portfolio, we are uniquely positioned to deliver an innovative screen option for our mass market vinyl windows – Pella 250 Series,” said Tuetken.

Homeowners are choosing vinyl windows because of their low maintenance, energy efficiency and affordability. Now, the convenience and crystal-clear views Hidden Screen brings to vinyl windows is anticipated to be another Pella crowd-pleaser in the marketplace.

Launching on Pella 250 Series

The easy-to-use Hidden Screen is not visible when the window is closed, providing the clearest view and more natural light into the home. It stays clean and undamaged, being hidden and stored from the elements when not in use. Designed to be durable and long-lasting the Hidden Screen was tested to 9,400 cycles, which is equivalent to opening and closing your windows once a day for 25 years.

Hidden Screen is available now for homeowners on Pella 250 Series single-hung, double-hung or sliding windows through a local Pella showroom and will be available to professionals in late 2022.

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