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Sep 24, 2018

Phylrich Debuts Modern and Minimal Stria Faucet

Phylrich Stria Faucet

Bathroom faucet manufacturer Phylrich has introduced the Stria faucet collection featuring modern, angular design.

The faucet’s rectangular neck features precise angles and parallel lines for a clean, minimal look. The sides feature subtle, straight ridges running perpendicular to the vanity countertop.

The widespread version can be paired with three handle options: Blade, Cube (shown), and Lever. One side of each cube faucet is inscribed with a H or C to indicate water temperature. Stria’s single-hole model is available with a Blade or Cube toggle on top.

“The Stria is a collection characterized by contemporary glamour, and the design details make it stand out,” Geoff Escalette, president of Phylrich, says. “It commands attention in a subtle way and its aesthetic is intriguing from any angle and distance.”

The look is part of Phylrich’s effort to offer more products for the modern market. The Stria look is also available for wall-mount faucets, bath and shower sets, and bathroom accessories. All pieces are made in Costa Mesa, Calif., and are available in 16 finishes.


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