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Jul 29, 2019

PITT Cooking Brings Countertop-Integrated Burners to U.S. Market

Pitt Cooking Systems Four Burner Configuration Brass Burners
This European-design system embeds burners directly into granite, quartz, and other countertop surfacing.

Holland-based PITT Cooking has introduced to the U.S market a new multifunctional brass burner system that is integrated into the kitchen countertop.

The innovative combination burner allows users to cook on both low and high power that is operated by only one knob. The “professional brass burners offer 30% more power than traditional kitchen gas burners,” says the company, whose U.S. division is located in Cos Cob, Conn.

Unlike conventional burners that are integrated in a glass or stainless steel cooktop, the PITT Cooking burners and knobs are embedded directly into the countertop for a clean contemporary look. The manufacturer says the burner can easily and safely be combined with a wide variety of countertops whether you choose to use granite, quartz, marble, concrete, terrazzo, glass, ceramic, stone, Corian, or stainless steel.

Pitt Cooking Systems Drum Brass Burners

Though it seems as if the burner would be dangerously close to the countertop, each burner unit sits on a cast iron platform so there is a layer of protection between the flame and the surfacing material.

The burners come in six models:

  1. Named after a volcano in Japan, the Azuma model comes with one gas burner. It offers 650 to 17,000 Btus.
  2. Cima is named for a volcano in Portugal and comes with three burners—small, medium, and combination wok/simmer.
  3. Dempo is named for a volcano in Indonesia and has four burners—two offering 650 to 17,000 Btu, one at 10,000, and one at 6,000.
  4. Drum is named for a volcano in the United States and comes with four burners—two offering 650 to 17,000 Btu, one at 10,000, and one at 6,000.
  5. Elbrus is named after a volcano in Russia and comes with five burners—one offering 650 to 17,000 Btu, two offering 10,000, and two offering 6,000.
  6. Foessa is named for a volcano in Russia and includes six burners—two burners providing 650 to 17,000 Btu, two at 10,000, and two at 6,000.

Pitt Cooking Systems Cima Brass Burners

Made from brass, the burners feature automatic spark ignition, flame protection, and cast iron pan supports for flame protection. All models consist of three types of burners (small, medium, and large), the company says, allowing customers to choose up to 21 different configurations of numbers of burners and knobs. The company requires a minimum of 11 inches between burners.

“With PITT Cooking burners, there is no need to be held back by the fixed designs of cooktops,” the company says. “The Pitt Cooking System gives you better use of space allowing enough space to use each individual burner at the same time even when cooking with large pans.”


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