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Oct 21, 2019

Poliform Debuts Line That Blends Living Room With Kitchen

 POLIFORM Shape Integrated Kitchen Concept Wide view oak cabinets

Italian kitchen brand Poliform is set to debut a new modern cabinet line that allows designers to seamless merge the kitchen with adjacent living spaces.

Shape, the company says, is a contemporary new kitchen that is designed to address modern lifestyles, specifically the way kitchens in luxury homes are increasingly used as a space for living and entertaining.

Set to launch this fall, Shape is defined by an innovative new cabinet design that allows the kitchen to be a more cohesive environment. “A molding runs through the cabinet bases and columns, resulting in a tapered cut within which a built-in handle is inserted,” the company says in a release announcing the new line. “Without the need for an external or applied handle, appliances can be hidden behind custom cabinet panels, allowing kitchen cabinets and islands to appear as one pure, seamless geometric volume.”


POLIFORM Shape Integrated Kitchen Concept Wide View

Poliform says the system allows vertical and under counter appliances to disappear behind Shape panels—from refrigerators and dishwashers, to wine coolers and beverage centers.

Shape offers a variety of new components and accessories that make each composition social, while satisfying a high level of functional requirements. For example, the new Infinity Modular Hood System allows for greater customization in hood configuration, with the ability to create configurations that extend above an entire or partial island composition. The stainless steel and glass hood modules can be equipped a range of functional options, such as lighting, spice racks, phytolite grow lamps for herbs, and heat lights.

“The Infinity Modular Hood keeps everything at hand, ensuring better work and supporting the preparation area below,” the company says.


POLIFORM Shape Integrated Kitchen Concept VILLA Variante

Island configurations can be specified with the Floating Peninsula, Poliform’s first cooktop without base cabinet support. “The visually light design opens up the kitchen space with a minimalist, modern look, while adding accessibility,” the company explains. The work surface features a tapered cut that is also compatible with a range of new sliding worktop accessories including an Italian walnut chopping board, drilled steel chopping board, and steel rack for pans.

The new cabinet line offers a range of snack tables that can be added to kitchen systems to create additional counter space and serve as hospitality areas for informal gatherings and entertaining. Rounded snack table shapes are deliberately designed “to break up the hard-lined, squared compositions traditionally found in contemporary kitchen design, while enhancing the centrality of the moment for shared experiences.”

POLIFORM Shape Integrated Kitchen Concept Oak kitchen close up


Moon Snack Table is a round-shaped counter height island addition that is available in a range of sophisticated materials—including new bog oak and fumé glass—and can be topped with a marble lazy Susan addition. Ring Snack Table is an oval-shaped island marked by a texturized ceramic surface. The company offers a collection of counter height stools that are stylistically compatible with the snack table.

With the new collection, Poliform also adds two new finishes Fossil Oak and Metallic Lacquer. Fossil Oak, a fossilized wood formed over millennia, offers a distinctive, velvety black color and is 100 percent natural with no additional tint or finish applied. Metallic Lacquer is available in four tones—titano, bronzo, ottone, and rame—which are achieved by brushing lacquer panels with two metallic tones.

“These new materials, a pleasure to both hand and eye, add warmth and sophistication to the kitchen space,” the company says.

POLIFORM Shape Integrated Kitchen Drawer Detail


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