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Sep 16, 2021

Reform Launches Two New Designer Kitchen Cabinet Lines


Copenhagen-based Reform’s latest designer collaborations bring high gloss and work from home elements into the kitchen, all at affordable price points.

Reform entered the ring in 2014 with a focus on affordability and accessibility. The company achieved this by working with basic IKEA elements and collaborating with notable designers to create stylish cabinet fronts. Though still available and an option for projects, Reform also offers its own modular cabinet system.

The latest releases, UNIT and REFLECT, place function at the forefront of the design but in starkly different ways.

UNIT by Aspekt Office

Copenhagen-based design studio Aspekt Office breathes young life into the kitchen and offers a fresh perspective on the Scandinavian tradition, says Reform. 

"In Unit, the young designers build on their momentum in a timeless kitchen with a subtle home office feel, channelling the spirit of functionality and convenience growing out of our work-from-home era," the brand explained.

The kitchen cabinet line comes in three variations—painted, natural oak, dark oak—with each finished in a lacquer, adding durability and lessening maintenance. Prices for UNIT kitchen systems can range from $8,200 for dark oak down to $5,800 for natural oak.

The painted UNIT systems are available in five NCS and RAL colors: Anthracite, Sand-gray, White, Green, and Yellow. Paint used includes small particles, resulting in a textured, rough appearance, and Aspekt Office says it cleverly juxtaposes the collection’s smooth, curved aluminum handles.

Aluminum handles are available in powder-coated Anthracite, white, sand-gray, green, a lacquered silver, or untreated raw. To match the kitchen fronts and handles, Aspekt Office designed open shelving systems in the same aluminum material in identical color options. Countertop options include compact laminate, silestone, and solid wood.

REFLECT by Jean Nouvel

Available in the US starting October 1, the REFLECT kitchen line combines architectural elements propelled by ribbed steel. The award-winning French architect Jean Nouvel created REFLECT as an experiment with light and atmosphere, Reform explains. 

Nouvel is driven by the idea that architecture is an art form, the brand says, and his poetic approach to building design is mirrored in the materials and function in REFLECT.

Kitchen cabinet fronts have a highly reflective steel with vertical ridges and come in either the silver metal or metal black. The stainless steel fronts are sheets placed atop MFC board and framed with extruded anodized aluminum. Both fronts are fingerprint-proof, and Reform recommends pairing the fronts with equally resistant and durable stainless steel countertops.

Caroline Broderick

Caroline Broderick is the associate editor of PRODUCTS.

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