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Jun 8, 2017

Reliance Detection Technologies Introduce Leak Detection, Auto Shutoff System

Reliance Detection Technologies' FloodMaster RS-092 leak detection and automatic shut-off system

Because hose-fed appliances such as dishwashers, icemakers, and water filters can leak at any time, Reliance Detection Technologies has introduced affordable, easy-to-install leak detection kits to minimize damage when these appliance failures occur.

The company says the FloodMaster RS-092 leak detection and automatic shut-off system employs a discreet rope-style water sensor, controller and ½-inch NPT valve with 3/8-inch fittings to sound an alarm and automatically shut off the water supply to a hose-fed appliance when a leak is detected.

“Like most Reliance Detection Technologies products, the system is reusable and interfaces easily with most security, automation and ‘smart home’ systems,” the company says in a release.

Two kit options are available to power the unit: RS-092-MK1, which features a standard 120-volt AC wall wart, while RS-092-MK2 includes a step-down transformer and mounting plate.