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Jul 26, 2018

This Round Electrical Box Cuts Its Own Hole

Madison Electric Shark Tooth Roound Junction Box

Madison Electric has expanded its Smart Box line of electrical device boxes with a product that has a built-in hole saw to create the perfect circle every time.

“Absolutely a first of its kind, Shark Tooth was designed with the electrician in mind for installing over head lighting, wall sconces, and smoke detectors in retrofit applications,” the manufacturer says.

The unit has a built-in saw that creates its own hole to center-on-center mark, which improves location accuracy and makes the unit ideal for pendant lighting and wall sconces. Swing clamps provide a secure hold.

See the Shark Tooth in action:

“A piercing drill bit located at the center of the blade allows for pinpoint accuracy, requiring very little measuring and marking up the wall,” the company says. “Raised mounting rings with center hole are located inside the back wall of the box for surface mount installations, basement, or attic studs.”

The box also features interior heavy-duty mounting screws that allow it to be adjusted for different drywall thicknesses or the added thickness that comes with a tile backsplash or wall treatment.

It does not require special hole saw or template, supports fixtures up to 6 pounds, and requires 9/16-inch driver. It cannot, however, be used on lath and plaster walls.


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