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Dec 21, 2020

Ruvati Adds Dual Tier Workstation Ledge Sink to Collection

Ruvati Dual Tier Workstation Ledge Sink Straight

Faucet and sink manufacturer Ruvati has expanded its kitchen workstations with new options, including a dual-tier ledge sink and other accessories.

“Ruvati uses an ingenious two-track system with sliding accessories to greatly expand the range of activities performed at the traditional kitchen sink,” the company says. “A versatile mix-prep station allows cooks to prepare and organize an entire dinner party—all in the space of the sink.”

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In recent years, workstations have been become an increasingly popular choice in luxury kitchens. A product that came out of the restaurant world, a workstation is typically an area of the kitchen that is dedicated to food preparation, such as chopping onions, peeling rhubarb, or dicing onion. It’s essential in the restaurant kitchen for organizing the chaos that comes with the territory.

These days, the workstation has moved from the commercial realm and has infiltrated the home kitchen. Also known as a ledge sink by some suppliers, the workstation is no mere sink and it's not a mobile kitchen island either. In fact, workstation offer many benefits. They are functional and maximize efficiency while minimizing movement. Online retailer Direct Sinks says the ledge sinks have become so popular that they have their own category on the site.

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Ruvati’s new two-tiered Workstation is an undermount single-bowl design that comes in three sizes: 33 inches, 45 inches, and 57 inches wide. It is crafted from premium 16 gauge stainless steel that will never rust or stain, and features a commercial grade brushed finish that is highly scratch-resistant, the company says. The sinks are engineered with a 1-inch slope on the basin floor for efficient water drainage and a reversible option for left- or right-side drain installation. The sink is built with heavy-duty sound guard padding and undercoating on all exterior sides to provide effective sound and thermal insulation.

The system features a solid wood platform that spans the generously sized basin. It holds a five quart stainless steel mixing bowl with non-slip silicone bottom. A matching colander and lid with grater/slicer attachments can be used with the mixing bowl to mix, grate, slice, and strain.

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Measuring 17 inches by 16 inches, the board is flat on one side but converts into a tray with raised edges when flipped. Other accessories that come with the Workstation are two stainless steel colanders for draining pasta or rinsing fresh produce, as well as a folding drying rack that rolls away when not in use and fits across the sink for air-drying pots and pans.

“This extraordinary design is a smart choice for large kitchens with multiple chefs or smaller kitchens where counterspace is scare,” Ruvati says. “Its sleek good looks compliment any décor and help make the kitchen an appealing space for family and friends to gather and prepare meals together.”


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