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Sep 10, 2018

Ruvati Adds to WORKstation Line With Unit for Small Spaces


After introducing its 45-inch Roma Workstation sink, Ruvati USA has added to the collection with a small unit for small spaces.

“Designed especially for RV and tiny home customers, this stylish sink is ideal for any kitchen where space is at a premium,” the company says. “It comes with built-in accessories that fit perfectly on top of the sink, creating an efficient prep area that allows for easy clean-up.”

Unlike its larger unit for full-size kitchens (read about it here), the new WORKstation sink maximizes space in a small kitchen. Offered in two sizes—a 15-by-15-inch version with a 9-inch-deep bowl and a 15-by-20-inch unit with a 10-inch-deep bowl—the sink features a 5-inch deep stainless steel colander that can be used as a strainer or drying caddy and a solid African Mahogany cutting board that offers natural resistance to water.

“Because it covers the entire sink, the cutting board easily converts the sink into a handy countertop when extra space is needed to chop veggies or prep for a party,” the brand says.

The sinks are crafted from 16-gauge 304 stainless steel with heavy duty padding and undercoating for maximum noise absorption, the brand says. Featuring a topmount installation, the sinks also offer a Zero Radius design with sharp inside corners. It’s finished in a satin surface that the company claims is easy.

In addition to the built-in accessories, the sinks include a basket strainer, rinse grid, cutout template, and mounting brackets.


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