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Jul 24, 2017

Ruvati Develops New Versatile Workstation Kitchen Sink

Ruvati Roma workstation sink black kitchen

The new Roma Workstation sink from Ruvati USA is a 45-inch system offering a variety of built-in and customizable accessories that turn it into a versatile and personalized kitchen working space.

The Workstation features two tiers of sliding tracks that can hold cutting boards, drying racks, and colanders. The two African mahogany cutting boards that come with the sink can be placed on the top or bottom tier sliding tracks to extend kitchen counter space.

They are flat on one side and have raised edges on the other side to double as a tray for serving, while the two stainless-steel colanders—one deep and one shallow—sit on the bottom track and can slide underneath the cutting boards. The stainless steel drying rack can sit on the top tier and rolls up for easy storage.

Measuring 10 inches deep and designed with a one-inch slope, the sink features a removable drain basket and a drain hole that can be placed on the left or the right. It comes in commercial-grade brushed stainless steel finish helps masks scratches from daily wear and tear.