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Apr 15, 2019

Ruvati Introduces Apron-Front Workstation Sink

Ruvati Verona Apron Front Workstration Stainless Sink with cutting board

Sink and faucet manufacturer Ruvati has added a new sink that combines an apron-front design with the company’s system of accessories.

“Introducing the Verona Series—an amazing collection of workstation sinks that offer a whole new experience for home chefs in busy kitchens everywhere,” the brand says. “This sink gets top marks on aesthetics alone by combining traditional apron-front design and the contemporary gleam of stainless steel with a beautiful commercial-grade brushed finish.”

Verona offers a wide variety of built-in accessories, allowing the products to transform a kitchen into an efficient space that streamlines food prep and cleaning while helping to maximize counter space and workflow.

Generously proportioned to accommodate oversized pots and pans, Verona comes in single- or and double-bowl configurations in sizes ranging from 24 inches to 36 inches wide. Bowls are made from 16-gauge stainless steel and feature an integrated rack for built-in accessories to slide quickly into place as needed.

“Smart features include a deep stainless-steel colander for draining pasta or rinsing produce and an adjustable roll-up rack that is ideal for drying dishes,” the company says. “A beautifully finished cutting board of African mahogany fits snugly over the sink basin to provide a perfect spot for prep work while keeping countertops clean and clutter-free. A stainless-steel rinse grid and drainer basket assemble are also included with every Workstation sink.”

Other notable features of the Verona Workstation sink are rubber padding; a heavy-duty sound guard undercoating to minimize noise and reduce condensation; and edgeX 10mm Tight Radius inside corners for a slightly curved look that allows for easy cleaning.

Ruvati Verona Apron Front Workstation Stainless Sink Silo alternate angle

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