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Nov 8, 2018

Savant Introduces LED Light Strips With Smart Controls

Savant LED light strip

Home automation manufacturer Savant has introduced an array of professional-grade, flexible architectural light strips, compatible with the company’s TrueImage smart lighting platform.

The LED strips are an indirect lighting option for applications such as inside coves, behind TVs, and inside cabinets. A tunable white version can be set to change color temperatures automatically throughout the day, while the WRCB version provides millions of color choices, the company says. Both are available in 16- and 32-foot-long strips, as well as outdoor versions. Also available is an RGB Neon strip, which appears as a solid line of color similar to neon signs.

Savant’s new LED strips compatible with the Savant Pro app and it’s TrueImage function, which allows homeowners to control lights by touching them on a smartphone image of the room. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the platform allows on/off/dim control of lighting, as well as an WRGB color wheel and light temperature options.

“The new LED lighting strip product line, representing a valuable opportunity for integration specialists, brings the color selecting simplicity of TrueImage and Savant Scenes to more areas of the home than ever before,” says Savant CEO Robert Madonna.

Savant LED light strips can be cut to size in the field, and strips come in kits with mounting options, couplers, jumpers, drivers, and power supplies. A new low-voltage DMX controller from Savant allows up to 32 strips to be wired to a single controller.


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