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Sep 23, 2019

Scarabeo Unveils Innovative Ceramic Shower Tray

Scarabeo STEP ceramic shower pan angled bath

Italian brand Scarabeo has developed a new ceramic shower tray that is made from a single block measuring 28 millimeters.

The company says the Step tray can be cut to size during installation and is perfect for mounting flush with the floor.

“Step is a new idea in shower trays that is revolutionary in its kind,” the company says. “[It] has great visual appeal and is admirably suitable in any context with limitless adaptability.”

Patented by Scarabeo, Step is a solution that eliminates any issues related to size in terms of surface area and thickness, because it can be fit in anywhere with ease, the company says. Designed with environmental sustainability in mind, the industrially produced ceramic reuses all the mixtures and residues from the production process. “The result is a ductile material that is incredibly resistant to the most frequent uses and suitable for the most extreme environmental conditions,” Scarabeo says. “It is waterproof, can take loads of up to 1000 kilograms and is resistant to impacts, abrasions and stains.”

Step it is unaffected by thermal shocks and adverse weather, is entirely non-slip, and the surface texture is tough and durable. Additionally, it does not incur any change in color caused by light. Ideal for any type of residential bathroom inside and outside, the product is available in various colors—white, black, cement, taupe, and brown.

Scarabeo STEP ceramic shower pan installation closeup

Nigel Maynard

Nigel F. Maynard is the Editor of PRODUCTS. 

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