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Dec 9, 2019

Schluter-Systems Now Offers Matching Finishes on Drains, Shelves and Profiles

Schluter Systems Trendline shelf grate floral finishing

Tile and shower products manufacturer Schluter-Systems has launched a program that allows designers and architects to specify the textured finishes on its 4-inch square shower drain grates, shower shelves, and profiles.

“The availability of these finishes in drain grates, shelves, and profiles provides the flexibility to have these elements blend seamlessly with the rest of the installation, or to create bold and striking accents within the shower area,” the company says.  “The matte black grates and shelves fit perfectly with matte black faucets and fixtures for a fully integrated design where all elements work together.”

Schluter says the finishing program comes at a time when trends are forcing manufacturer to provide more finishing option. As the company explains it, porcelain tiles that reproduce the appearance of wood, concrete, and stone and genuine natural stone tiles are the surface covering of choice in many bathroom and shower projects.  These natural tones, as well as black and white, the company adds, continue to be the most frequently used and on-trend colors in tiles. Designers and owners, Schluter continues, are looking for finishes that can support and complement these popular tones.

The same powder-coating procedure used to apply finishes to Schluter profiles is now being used on the drain grates and on all five designs of shower shelves.  In total, six finishes are available on profiles, grates, and shelves so they can all match for a more cohesive overall design. Finishes include matte black, matte white, stone grey, greige, cream, and bronze.

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Schluter earlier this year intoruduced the shower shelves that the company says are fast and easy to install. Introduced at The International Surface Event and available in March 2019,

the shelves are made from 5/32-inch-thick stainless steel and require no special tools for installation. Instead, they fit neatly between rows of tile and do not require any materials or fasteners to penetrate the waterproofing membrane on the walls. “The end result is a sleek, clean finish, and a shelf that will easily hold shower accessories,” Schluter says.

The company says the inclusion of the grate, drains, and profiles is part of a larger effort to give designers more otions. “Shower grates are no longer just an opening in the floor to let the water escape—they are part of the design of the bathroom,” the company says. “Designers, installers, and homeowners want the shower grate to integrate with the rest of the design in the bathroom.”

Drains are available in four patterns Pure, Curve, Floral, and the original grate design, while profile shapes come in flat (JOLLY), rounded (RONDEC), and square (QUADEC) as well as DILEX cove profiles and FINEC.


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