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Mar 31, 2021

Schwinn Hardware Adds New Designs to Originals Collection

Schwinn Hardware Originals Collection Egon Eiermann Collection

Schwinn Hardware has added new pieces from three internationally known modernist architects and designers, including Max Bill, Egon Eiermann, and William Lescaze.

Known as a designer and manufacturer of architectural-grade cabinet hardware for residential and commercial projects, Schwinn says its Originals collection features licensed reproductions based on original examples or drawings of the designs.


“Each piece in the Schwinn Originals collection combines beauty and usefulness in a unique way,” the company says. “The language of design and architecture is constantly changing and evolving. The best work however is timeless. That timeless quality is what unites the diverse pieces in the Schwinn Originals collection.”

The licensed reproductions are based on original examples. Careful modifications to scale, dimensions, or material were only made when necessary because of changes in use, material, manufacturing technology, or industry standards, says the company. “The 12 designers were carefully chosen as representatives of Schwinn Hardware’s dedication to the design of timeless hardware that is functional yet minimally invasive.”


Here are the new additions to the Schwinn Originals collection:

Schwinn Hardware Originals Collection 34094 Pull Max Bill

The Schwinn 34094 Pull

Designed by Max Bill, the Schwinn 34094 Pull is a rounded triangle perfectly shaped to the flexed fingers. Logically sized circular bases for the transfer of force from handle to panel. There is also an organic transition between the grip and the base. Available in three sizes and finishes of polished aluminum, satin nickel and matte black.

Max Bill (1908-1994) was a Swiss architect, graphic designer, product designer, artist, sculptor, politician, and teacher. His work is included in major art museums around the world and many of his designs are still in production, including his watches for Junghans and the Ulm stool.


Schwinn Hardware Originals Collection Egon Eiermann Collection 2Z399 Pull Satin Nickel Silo

The Schwinn 2Z399 Cup Pull

Designed by Egon Eiermann, the 2Z399 Cup Pull is an arc in a truncated cone. It is a pull with a clear expression of its purpose. Available in polished and matte chrome, satin nickel, dark bronze and matte anthracite.

Egon Eiermann (1904-1970) was a renowned, multi-award-winning German architect, furniture designer, and teacher. His work is defined by simplicity and a design approach that always makes a product’s function clearly visible. The German pavilion at the Brussels World Expo and the Berlin Memorial Church are among his most famous buildings.


Schwinn Hardware Originals Collection 34093 Hook William Lescaze Collection

The Schwinn 34093 Hook

Designed by William Lescaze, the Schwinn 34093 Hook was designed to hang on and hang over. Two ways to hang in one hook in a continuous shape for both. Available finishes: polished chrome, brushed stainless steel, dark bronze and matte anthracite.

William Lescaze (1896-1969) was a Swiss-born American architect, city planner, industrial designer, and teacher. In 1932 at Howe & Lescaze, he designed the PSFS building in Philadelphia: the first international modernist skyscraper. His work includes the CBS building on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and the Williamsburg Houses, a groundbreaking 20-building modernist housing project.


Schwinn Hardware Originals Collection 34093 Hook William Lescaze installed

The 12 designers who make up the Schwinn Originals Collection are:

  • Max Bill: Beauty from Function, Beauty as Function

  • Nanna Ditzel: Groundbreaking All-around Modernist

  • Egon Eiermann: Proportions, Precision and Structural Clarity

  • Michael Graves: From Modern to Postmodern

  • Bodil Kjaer: The Essentialist

  • William Lescaze: Pioneer of Modernism in American Architecture

  • Paul McCobb: American Cool

  • Jasper Morrison: Super Normal

  • David Allan Pesso: Geometry Without Extraneous Details

  • Dieter Rams: As Little Design as Possible

  • Jens Risom: A Danish Modern Pioneer

  • August Schatte: Anonymous Company Design


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