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Jul 25, 2019

Tamko Introduces Seam Tape For Added Protection on Roof Sheathing

TAMKO Building Products TW Seam Tape Illustration

Tamko Building Products says its new TW Seam Tape is designed to close sheathing gaps on the roof deck, offering an additional layer of protection from water intrusion.

“In the chance shingles and underlayment are torn or blown off during high winds, TW Seam Tape provides added protection against water,” says Brandon Knobloch, Tamko’s corporate director of waterproofing.

As Tamko explains it, unsealed roof deck seams are constant problem in home building. As evidence, the company references an Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety figure that unsealed decks are believed to be responsible for up to 60 percent of rain entering into an attic.

TW Seam Tape helps combat the problem, the company says. When applied to all roof deck joints and seams after the roof deck installation and before the underlayment is installed, it helps prevent water intrusion during a storm event. It also provides secondary protection of the deck seams and joists in the event shingles or underlayment are compromised.

Featuring a textured and skid-resistant surface for added safety of the roofing crew, the product is a flexible, self-adhering SBS-modified bitumen membrane with a polymer film on the surface and a removable treated release film on the adhesive side. It’s designed for application on a variety of surfaces, including OSB, plywood and most other common roof deck materials.

"We’ll continue to give contractors what they need to get the job done with innovative applications of Tamko’s Waterproofing products as part of our goal of delivering products and solutions that our customers rely on,” said Knobloch.

TW Seam Tape comes in 4-inch rolls, with each roll covering 61 linear feet.

TAMKO Building Products TW Seam Tape Silo


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