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Jul 29, 2021

These Rapid-Install Outdoor Kitchens Only Need Two Pros and One Day

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Coastal Ranch

The Signature Kitchens and Outdoor Cabinets lines by outdoor products manufacturer Kindred Outdoors and Surrounds transforms a backyard into an outdoor kitchen in just one day by two people, claims the company. 

The new lines feature outdoor cabinets and customizable or pre-configured masonry kitchens,  available in three different styles and sizes. Products can be installed on any solid flooring surface without concrete footings or rebar, notes Kindred Outdoors and Surrounds. Residential pros do have to purchase stone or brick finishes, countertops, and appliances separately from other manufacturers.


This release meets the high demand for outdoor kitchens while creating a solution for ongoing material and appliance shortages by offering a fast installation process, says the company. According to the 2021 Outdoor Living Report by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, 82% of surveyed homeowners said they are more interested in updating their outdoor living spaces than they were prior to the pandemic. And 65% of homeowners aged between 35 to 44 said outdoor kitchens were very important if they were designing an outdoor space.

“Over the last year, elegant outdoor gathering spaces have grown in popularity, with an emphasis on options that reflect the unique lifestyles and personalities of homeowners,” said Sarah Lograsso, director of marketing and product design. “Our Signature Kitchens and Outdoor Cabinets were designed for people who want to imagine their perfect outdoor kitchen, order it, and then install it in a matter of days rather than weeks.”

outdoor kitchen


Makeup and Install

Kindred Outdoors and Surrounds says its outdoor kitchen products are manufactured using glass-fiber reinforced concrete, resulting in a highly durable construction. Glass-fiber reinforced concrete consists of a cement mix with dispersed short glass fibers. The addition of glass fibers increases the tension and impact strength while keeping the product lightweight, according to Experimental Techniques, the official publication of the Society for Experimental Mechanics.


Cabinets from the Outdoor Cabinets line can be purchased individually for a custom design and include straight cabinets, 90-degree corners, end caps, backsplashes, and seating walls. Residential professionals can cut out cabinets on-site to fit sinks, drawers, burners, and barbecues, according to the company. 

Kindred Outdoors and Surrounds claims that a kitchen project using six cabinets, four raised backsplashes, and two end caps from its Outdoor Cabinets line would take two people and one day to install. Meanwhile, a CMU concrete block construction of the same kitchen would take more than 160 concrete blocks, 200 feet of rebar, 45 bags of cement, four people, and seven days, according to the company’s calculations.

Size and Pricing

outdoor kitchen



The Signature Kitchens line comes pre-designed and ready for installation in three options: Coastal Ranch, Metropolitan, and Parkview. 

  • Coastal Ranch: an L-shaped kitchen measuring approximately 11 feet by 8 feet with room for appliances and a raised bar counter priced at $2,727.43
  • Metropolitan: a 12-foot long linear kitchen priced at $1,796.53
  • Parkview: a smaller 9.5 feet by 6.5 feet L-shaped configuration priced at $2,085.43

Building material company Boral North America debuted Kindred Outdoors and Surrounds in 2020 with its fireplaces, pits, and bowls offerings. Its outdoor living and fireplace products work with any stone products from Boral’s other brands, such as Eldorado Stone, Cultured Stone, Dutch Quality, and StoneCraft.

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