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Sep 23, 2019

Thompson Traders Adds Hand-Hammered Stainless Steel Sinks

Thompson Traders Quiroga Hammered Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink top angle Silo jpg

Kitchen and bath products manufacturer Thompson Traders has expanded its collection of hand-hammered sinks and tubs to include stainless steel.

Stainless steel sinks are not new to the kitchen market, the company says, but the Thompson Traders collection marks a uniquely creative departure from the design aesthetic typically associated with the material.

“We wanted to take that stainless steel luster that so many associate with a cool, minimalist look and marry it with our hand-hammering process to create a warmer, more organic appeal,” says Alejandra Ochoa de Thompson, founder, artist and product designer for Thompson Traders.

Thompson built its reputation with hammered copper sinks and bathtubs that are designed by Thompson and handmade by artisans in the coppersmithing center of Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico. But now stainless steel has been added to the mix.


Thompson Traders Quiroga Hammered Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink top view Silo

“We spent two years and over ten thousand hours developing the plans and adapting the tools to bring our mastery of design, hand-hammering and finishing to our new stainless steel sinks,” Thompson explains.

Made from 18-gauge stainless steel, the new collection of hand-hammered stainless steel sinks offers performance and durability unrivaled by nickel and other materials, the company says. The added benefit is that the product is stain and corrosion resistant, making it ideal for years of use.

Designed by Thompson, the hand-hammered stainless steel collection includes seven kitchen and prep/bar sinks. The company created the collection in part to meet homeowners’ desires of coordinating materials and finishes with appliances, but also to provide a durable, lightweight material that retains its finish, through recommended care.

“Of course our stainless steel designs continue the same commitment to quality we create with each with our pieces,” says Thompson, “but our goal with the new collection is to add value and versatility for our designer partners and their clients.”

The collection includes the single-bowl, apron-front design of the Quiroga Apron Front Sink; the Villa Undermount Sink; and the Rivera Prep Sink with its square, flat bottom.

Thompson is proud of its process and says it contributes to the quality of its products.

First, the stainless steel is heated and stretched in a press. But unlike metals such as nickel, the pressing process reduces the chance of leaking, the company says. Second, each sink is hand-hammered with a five-pound hammer to get its one-of-a-kind texture. Finally, the sinks are pressed again to enhance the radius and dents. Afterward, every stainless steel sink is cleaned and polished. Each hammered stainless steel sink is fitted to ensure correct sizing before dampening panels are attached and the sink is coated with sound-dampening paint that absorbs vibrations to stop unwanted noise.

Thompson Traders Quiroga Hammered Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink angle Silo


Nigel Maynard

Nigel F. Maynard is the Editor of PRODUCTS. 

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