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Mar 15, 2020

Thompson Traders Expands Custom Range Hood Program

Thompson Traders Custom Range Hood Program White Kitchen Vignette

Kitchen and bath products manufacturer Thompson Traders is set to expand its Custom Range Hood Program with new finishes, accessories, and design options.

In addition to its expanded design offerings for bespoke hoods, the company is also announcing new partnerships with leading interior designers. For example, the brand will launch a new collaboration with Kara Cox in Spring 2020. The Quintana Collection will include a variety of unique products, including a large oval range hood. Thompson says it will release more information on the collaborating closer to the launch date.

The Custom Range Hood Program is a flexible program that allows designers and consumers to create bespoke looks, including a matte black finish that encapsulates today’s design trends while honoring the traditional designs of the past.



Featuring the brand’s hand-hammered finishing techniques from Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico, each range hood in Thompson Trader’s program is 100 percent custom built. Designers and consumers work with the in-house design team to imagine, design, and order each hood.

“While matte black is trending in 2020, the use of this color in kitchens is nothing new,” says Alejandra Ochoa de Thompson, founder and creative director of Thompson Traders. “From the Biltmore Estate to the finest Art Deco hotels of Miami, black tile, dark moulding, and rich architectural accessories were popular design practices in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Matte black is simply the resurgence of this classic finish with a twist for today’s modern transitional kitchen.”

Created by hand, the matte black finish is created by applying acid to a copper range hood to create a dark patina. The copper is then heated with a blow torch to reveal the matte black finish. In addition to the matte black finish, custom range hoods are available with matching or contrasting edge banding, pot rails, straps and rivets. Design options include custom monograms and logos. Finish options include polished nickel, antique satin gold, rose gold, satin brass, polished brass, burnished nickel, aged copper, custom antique copper, black nickel and fired copper. The newest finish, matte black, brings that number to eleven.



Thompson Traders says the custom program is straightforward, requiring a few simple steps. 

First, the Initial Design Consultation enables the in-house design team to collaborate with designers and consumers to create a bespoke range hood out of copper or brass. “Your inspiration will get us started on your bespoke range hood,” the company says. “We can manufacture virtually anything out of copper or brass.” The company can work from a sketch or an image.

Next, the designer selects from eleven hand-fired finishes and eight handmade textures. 

Then, the last step is selecting the Range Hood Insert. Thompson Traders recommends that designers keep the CFM equal to 1 percent of the total BTU output of the range or cooktop. You should also check the CFM recommendation from your cooktop manufacturer. “To be effective, the width and depth of your range hood should cover the burners of the cooktop,” the company says. “To measure height, we recommend mounting your hood between 30 inches to 36 inches above the cooktop.”

By popular demand, Thompson Traders has partnered with Imperial to supply inserts for its custom range hoods, streamlining the process. Once the project is approved, delivery only takes 10 to 12 weeks.


Nigel F. Maynard

Nigel F. Maynard is the Editor of PRODUCTS. 

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