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Feb 11, 2021

TileBar Releases Expansive Luxury Vinyl Tile Line

tilebar rigid core click tile

Tile manufacturer TileBar has expanded to include a new Luxury Vinyl Tile division, which includes glue down and rigid core click vinyl flooring options.

According to the 2021 National Kitchen and Bath Association annual trends report, more residential construction professionals are choosing luxury vinyl flooring over the traditional ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Luxury vinyl flooring offers the appearance of natural wood or stone, but with greater durability due to its composition of PVC and limestone. Vinyl has long been a popular choice for other areas of a home, such as siding, because it mimics the natural look of stone, wood, and shingles without the same upkeep.


luxury vinyl hardwood flooring

Back in 2018, Home Innovation Research Labs found luxury vinyl tile to be an emerging choice for homeowners looking to change their flooring. It’s used most commonly in kitchens. TileBar’s luxury vinyl tiles can be used in commercial and residential settings.

TileBar’s luxury vinyl tiles are made of five layers. A factory-applied UV-cured urethane top coat protects the flooring from scratches and chemicals. The following layers add even more durability, such as the second layer, the actual PVC. It claims to be 40% stronger than the industry standard. These vinyl tile cores are constructed of polymer, making it resistant to swelling or expansion and waterproof.

In the past, luxury vinyl tiles were constructed using phthalates, but health concerns have been linked to the chemicals. Many manufacturers have replaced phthalates with environmentally friendly raw materials. This makes the company’s luxury vinyl tile entirely recyclable during any part of the floor’s life cycle.

TileBar’s Optoro line offers Rigid Core luxury vinyl tile, which means it offers a thicker product with improved resistance to indents, stability, and can be more comfortable to walk on.


stone vinyl tile flooring

Optoro clicks together for installation and features noise dampening acoustic backings. The tiles can be installed over existing flooring. It offers 16 wood appearances ranging from oaks to walnuts. The line also includes 12 stone look alike tiles including four sandstone finishes and three marbles. 

Every luxury vinyl tile line from TileBar comes in either 12-by-24 inch tiles or 6-by-48 inch tiles.

The ReNew line offers wood and concrete tiles at a competitive price. There are 21 ReNew tiles available at $1.79 per square foot, whereas Optoro runs for $3.99 per square foot, and the final line in TileBar’s luxury vinyl tile collection runs at $3.29.

The final collection, Katone, is suitable for heavy commercial settings. Just like Optoro, Katone offers 40% more strength than the industry standard, according to the company. It’s commercial core includes a layer of fiberglass to add stability.

Katone glues down, and its textured PVC backing helps it grip and adhere easier. 

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