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Oct 26, 2020

Touchless Faucets with a Scandinavian Twist

Touchless kitchen faucet brass modern

Damixa's Silhouet Touchless kitchen faucet in brushed brass

Danish plumbing manufacturer Damixa now offers its minimalistic Silhouet bathroom faucet line with touchless technology.

Silhouet Touchless takes the company’s popular Silhouet series—released this past spring— and removes the need for multiple levers, upping the minimalist design further while taking advantage of recent demand.

Silhouet Touchless has a timeless, simple Nordic design that offers a good match for both classic and modern homes,” the company says.


Scandinavian bathroom touchless matte black faucet

Damixa's Silhouet Touchless bathroom tap in matte black


More homeowners are interested in antimicrobial and health-focused products in their homes, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association  (NKBA). Since the onset of the pandemic, a large majority of residential professionals have reported the desire for more wellness products.

"Almost all (98%) of those experiencing shifting demands from clients have seen a rise in the desire for wellness products in response to COVID-19," says the NKBA. "From no-touch appliances and anti-microbial materials to outdoor kitchens, homeowners are thinking long-term about how they use their kitchens and baths in a world where health and sanitation are top-of-mind."


Brass touchless bathroom tap faucet

Damixa's Silhouet Touchless bathroom tap in brushed brass


Damixa calls this release a “revolution in touchless taps.” The faucets were designed specifically for the home and offers even more benefits than simply being touchless, the company adds.

To control the temperature and the set water flow of the faucet, users can rotate the very top of the faucet. Twisting the faucet changes the temperature, while pulling at the top and clicking it up will allow the user to change the water pressure.

“You get all the benefits of a regular tap but with the added benefit that you don't have to touch it,” says Damixa Design Engineer Claus Rantzau. “It’s easier, it saves water, and most importantly, it’s far more hygienic.”



Chrome Scandinavian modern kitchen faucet

Damixa's Silhouet Touchless kitchen tap in chrome


As more Americans cook at home, a touchless faucet can be useful, the company says. When cooking, a touchless faucet can minimize the number of surfaces a homeowner needs to touch when handling raw meat, for example. 

For the kitchen, water runs for either 4, 8, or 12 seconds, depending on the setting. The sensor is made to not run when not needed. The kitchen faucet has two handles on both ends to control pressure and temperature, just like the bathroom faucet. But there is a normal tap lever for the kitchen faucet for uses such as filling a large pot of water.

Damixa says the installation is just the same as a normal faucet, but with the added cord for the sensor’s battery. The sensor will flash to alert the user for new batteries. The 6-volt battery can be easily changed by the user when necessary, the company says.

The three finishes the Silhouet faucets are available in—chrome, brushed brass, and matte black—are easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and resistant to corrosion, the company says. The matching Silhouet shower systems come in the same three finishes.

Caroline Broderick

Caroline Broderick is the associate editor of PRODUCTS.

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