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Nov 6, 2017

Versatex Responds to Market Demand With Shiplap, Nickel-Gap PVC Trim

Versatex Building Products PVC Nickel Gap and Shiplap

Pittsburgh-based Versatex Building Products has introduced a new collection of cellular PVC shiplap and nickel-gap boards for siding, interior walls, and ceilings.

“We developed these two new profiles in response to demand from contractors and distributors across the country,” says Versatex vice president of sales Rick Kapres. “Once again, their perspective has helped us in responding to a hot design trend among homeowners and architects.”

The shiplap profiles are available in 1-inch-by-6-inch and 1-inch-by-8-inch psizes with one leg at 5/8 inches and the other at a 1/2 inch for a ready-made 1/8-inch gap.

Moreover, the company says the reversible WP4 nominal 1-inch-by-6-inch profile retains the industry-standard V-groove effect on one side but now features a nickel-gap option on the reverse.

“Both shiplap and nickel-gap styles have been gaining major traction for new construction as well as remodeling projects,” Kapres says, adding that both profiles have long been associated with rustic and cottage-style designs but have been gaining traction among design-conscious consumers.

All of the company’s profiles are sold in 18-foot lengths that can span up to 24 inches on center in ceiling applications. The company says they are equally suitable for horizontal and vertical orientation on walls.

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Versatex PVC nickel-gap Shiplap


Where can I purchase your nickel-gap shiplap PVC product in the 06001 area?

Hi Ren, 

Check here:

Hope this helps!

I would like to try your nickel gap shiplap product in one of my houses. Please give me the widths & lengths it comes in at 1/2" thickness. Also do you have a recommendation for adhesive behind it over conc. board? I intend to have it painted different colors around the house - should paint be acrylic or marine paint? I am also thinking of green board backing instead of conc. board' My zip code is 94306 area. Please reply soon as this project is already under way. thank you- Alex

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