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Feb 15, 2018

Video: DuPont Tyvek Debuts FlexWrap EZ Adhesive Flashing

DuPont's Tyvek brand of weatherization materials debuted a new flashing solution, among other products, at IBS 2018. We talked to Alan Hubbell, the company's global marketing manager, about the company's newest technologies for tighter building envelopes.

Tyvek's FlexWrap EZ was on display as the brands latest in flashing products. The flexible adhesive tape is capable of sealing around any sized opening, Hubbel says. "We have methods for when the penetration is below two inches, and when the penetration is greater than two inches in diameter," he explains.

The brand also displayed an alternative use for their house wrap and flashing products, which are typically used as a home water barrier. With a few extra steps, Hubbel explains, the same set up can also be used as an air barrier, keeping home envelopes tighter and more energy efficient.

"The unit is pressurized... and yet the flow is cut in half [compared to when it is used only as a water barrier]," Hubbel says of the method. 

Watch Tyvek's demonstration of the air barrier sealing method and examples of how to use FlexWrap EZ in the video above.


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