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Aug 26, 2019

7 Quick Remodeling Tips for Tub/Shower Combos

Contractor Steve White of Home Repair Tutor shares his top seven tips for installing a tub/shower combo in a bathroom remodel.

"Every bathroom should pretty much start out with a level floor," White says. "So tip number one is to always start out with a level floor. If you're a quarter inch or less, I consider that level. You can make up the difference with that."

Another tip: "Always install the tub to the manufacturer's specifications," White says. "Always check to make sure how it is installed. Not all tubs are installed the same way and manufacturers have different ways that they would want you to install."

Other advise includes making sure all walls are plumb and even, making sure valves are set for the proper wall depth, and choosing the right waterproofing system.


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