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Oct 24, 2018

ClAppBack Episode 2: Field Tools

The phone in your pocket is now a virtual toolkit, with measurement tools, levels, site surveyors, floor plan creators, and more.

In the second episode of our web series ClAppBack: Apps for Builders, associate editor Amanda Hermans and sister mag ProBuilder's associate editor Kate Carsella talk about three apps that will make your life easier on the jobsite.


Find the apps in this video:


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Everyone home dev so to clap back this episode we've got some feel tools for you or apps that you can use on the jobsite the first one we've got is a really cool app called magic planner this allows you to use your phone camera to scan a space and create an accurate floorplan from it I'm going to test it out for you all on this dining room right here
To use magic plans simply mark every corner and doorway in your room the app will then automatically create an accurate floorplan with dimensions that can be used to create 3d models or estimate material costs you can connect the room to other rooms in the house or you can add elements like plumbing appliances and furniture.
The app includes a free trial as well as different subscription purchasing as part of the latest operating system update apples measure app turns an iPhone into a bubble level and a tool for measuring = object dimensions via augmented reality for builders without iPhones the I handy level app part of developer I Handy's app suite and digital toolkit for carpenters offers users a free well rated virtual bubble level the I and II carpenter AB costs a dollar and 99 cents and includes steel protractor ruler and plumb bob field tool functionality 



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