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Jul 29, 2019

Granite Vs. Quartz: Which is Best?

Having trouble deciding between granite and quartz for your countertops? Paul Bauscher, president of Bauscher Construction, laid out the pros and cons of each material.

"Do you find yourself paralyzed with trying to decide between granite and quartz countertops?" Bauscher says. "We're going to give you some pointers to make a good choice between these two heavy-weight contenders."

"Although quartz is making some inroads, granite is still the undisputed champion of the countertop world," Bauscher continues. "Because granite is quarried out of the's really important that you actually go to the warehouse and pick the slab that will get used in your house. If you try to pick granite off of a sample, your going to find that the top that shows up at your house probably isn't going to look like the sample."

Bauscher also points out that granite needs to be sealed and resealed, usually once per year.

"Unlike granite, quartz is a manmade product," Bauscher says. "Because of this, quartz is very dense and non-porous, so you don't have to worry about sealing it."

He points out that the other benefit of quartz being manmade is that it's appearance is very uniform.

"The costs of the two materials is so close together that most people will make their choice based purely on aesthetic." Bauscher says.

"As you can see, there's really not a bad choice to make between these two products," Bauscher concludes.


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