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Sep 2, 2019

How to Install Schluter Metal Shelf W

Steve White of the Bathroom Repair Tutor shows how to install Schluter-Systems’ new line of brushed stainless steel shower shelves.

“This is a great accessory, pretty straightforward to install, but there are some tips that we wanted to share with you,” White says in the video

Made from 5/32-inch-thick stainless steel and require no special tools for installation. Instead, they fit neatly between rows of tile and do not require any materials or fasteners to penetrate the waterproofing membrane on the walls. The end result is a sleek, clean finish, and a shelf that will easily hold shower accessories, Schluter says.

The shelves are available in five shapes and sizes and come in curve and floral patterns to match Schluter’s point and linear drains with the same designs.

“These are really cool shelves for any tile-in shower so make sure you check them out,” White says.


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