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Aug 29, 2019

How to Install an Underground Spiral Wine Cellar

Nick Shiffer, owner of Avon, Mass.-based NS Builders, shows the process behind installing an underground spiral wine cellar into a kitchen remodel.

"We actually started this project in preconstruction," Shiffer explains. "I met with the client and I jokingly asked if they like wine, and they said, 'No, but why?'"

"I had a picture of a spiral wine cellar in my phone," saved in a folder for dream project items Shiffer explains. "They fell in love with it."

"These units are fabricated in the U.K., they're shipped across the sea, up to Canada, to Genuwine Cellars," Shiffer says. "For about seven days, they spend their time installing this."

"Once we basically worked through all the details, shop drawings, and figured out just how big this unit was, we actually partially excavated the basement," Shiffer says. "I say partially because we cut the slab and we had to excavate down about 3 feet to get our full height."

"After excavation we're basically hands off, Genuwine takes over," Shiffer says. "All of these piece are pre-cast concrete, and they stack almost as if they were legos."

The cubbies will eventually hold 1,800+ bottles of wine, Shiffer says. A refrigeration unit is included in the cellar. 

See the video above for more info on the installation process and the greater kitchen renovation.