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Jul 25, 2019

PRO Chat: 3 Reasons to Consider Spray Foam Insulation

We asked the team at Icynene-Lapolla what all the hype is about surrounding spray foam insulation. They gave us a few reasons, and introduced us to their latest products, at PCBC 2019.

"We see an accelerated adoption of spray foam because of three converging events," says Aaron Kralovic, Icynene-Lapolla's director of strategic accounts & business development. "One, we have much more savvy, energy-conscious homeowners. You couple that with ever-increasing costs in our utility and energy bills, and then couple that with a dilemma that faces most builders, with the more stringent energy and building code standards that they need to achieve."

Kralovic also mentioned that their spray foam products can be installed in a day by a certified crew, and can help with sound attenuation in dense buildings and neighborhoods.

Lapolla's latest product is Foam-Lok 750, an denser open cell insulation, or a "tweener" foam, that makes it easier transition from closed cell to open cell. Foam-Lok can achieve an R-22 in a 2 by 6 wall assemblies,  is air impermeable, and is designed to help builders meet strict code requirements.

On the Icynene side, the newest product is  OC No-Mix Insulation. This open cell spray foam insulation features energy savings, easy application, sound attenuation, and improved indoor air quality.




Helllo, my name is Aaron Kralovic, and I represent a nice name la polla we see an accelerated adoption it's grateful because of three converging events one we have much more savvy energy conscious homeowners you couple that with ever increasing costs and rising costs in our utility and energy bills and then couple that with a dilemma that faces most builders with a more stringent energy and building code standards that they need to achieve as you can see we have a fiberglass we have cellulose and we have spray foam so you can consider that a good better best strategy actually it's very simple to install spray foam into your home's whether it's retrofitting an existing home or in a new constructive application typically we see that we can do a complete full envelope spray foam install in less than a day sometimes our more savvy crews are able to install multiple homes in a given day with our environments our neighborhoods and our areas that we live in become increasingly dense they also become noisier and spray foam insulation products are arguably one of the best sound attenuation materials