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Feb 20, 2020

Signature Kitchen Suite Debuts Revolutionary Range


At the 2019 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, Signature Kitchen Suite earned Best of KBIS-Gold for its 48-inch pro range with built-in sous vide. This year, the company introduced another first—a 36-inch range that offers dual-fuel technology, gas and induction cooking, and a built-in sous vide cooker.

In addition to two induction burners and two gas burners, the range has what the brand calls the industry's first built-in sous vide. Also known as low temperature, long-time cooking, sous-vide is a method of cooking in which food is placed in a plastic pouch or a glass jar and cooked in a water bath for longer than usual cooking times at a regulated temperature.


Signature Kitchen Suite says sous-vide delivers professional-style results every time and capture the full, true flavor of foods.

At KBIS 2020, PRODUCTS caught up with Zach Elkin, general manager of Signature Kitchen Suite and LG Builder, as he walked us through the unit and gave us the skinny on all the cool features the range has to offer.

Displayed for the first time at the show, the new 36-inch packs all the same features as the 48-inch unit but in a smaller footprint. It’s designed to help home chefs achieve professional-level results, the brand says.

Watch the video to learn more.



Nigel Maynard: Depending on who you talk to, more homeowners are cooking at home. For those homeowners, they're looking for serious appliances to cook on. Hi, I'm Nigel

Maynard, editor of custom builder and products, and I'm here at  KBIS and IBS 2020 in Las Vegas. And we're here at the Signature Kitchen Suite booth who has a range that does not exist in the marketplace until now.

So, we're here with Zach Elkins, who is the general manager of Signature Kitchen Sweet, and Zach last year at KBIS 2019, you won best of show. 

Zach Elkins: Absolutely.

NM: And so this year you have something else big

for us. Can you tell us what that is?

ZE: So we have here is we have our 36-inch pro sous vide range 

NM: Stop for a second. Can you explain to our viewers what sous vide is?

What is sous vide?

ZE: Absolutely, sous vide is French for under vacuum. Sous vide has been used for decades in fine restaurants throughout the United States and what we're doing at Signature Kitchen Suite is we're bringing the sous vide modularity into the home so that home cook that home chef can cook just like that professional restaurant does right down the street.

NM: So sous vide is essentially, you cook in a bag. 

ZE: So you cook in a bag, you cook in water, and you can get perfect edge to edge performance whether we're doing carrots, whether we're doing chicken, whether we're doing the finest filet or a porterhouse steak. 

NM: Okay and so here you have sous vide in this compartment yes but then you also have as yes and then you also have induction

ZE: Absolutely. And as we know, induction is cooking with magnets.

ZE: absolutely. 

NM: Okay, so this is not this is not available in a 36-inch right until now?

ZE: Until now.

NM: So what other features does the oven the stove have?


Serious features for serious homechefs

ZE: It has so many once we finish up with the top and we start to head down the bottom we have our gourmet chef menu which makes it so easy it's so intuitive it's just like what you're going to find on your phone today. terrific, makes it easy, almost paint. by the numbers. As far as how you're going to cook and what you're going to cook. In addition to that, we also have built-in timers built-in timers for each knob and within each one of these built-in each knob you can have four different timers going all at the same time, so you don't have a timer going on your iPad, a timer on your phone, a timer on your wallet. You can actually have that all here.

NM: So in other words, you have risotto here just five more minutes, and then you have carrots here. There's another ten minutes or whatever it is 

ZE: Absolutely. 

NM: Okay what's the capacity of the oven? 

ZE: Well as we talked about this, one of the things I want to point out if I could is notice the articulating handle. And in the United States today, there's a hundred million consumers that have a back issue. So anytime we develop and design a new product, we're looking at the haptics and how can we make it easier for our Technicarion and our consumer to engage in the product. Once we get inside. You're going to notice this bright blue interior, this is a patent finish, I want to come back to in just a moment before I do that you're gonna notice the glide- end glide out racks. But let's go back to the blue interior again: best and only feature only available on our product. You can clean this up in two ways: You can clean it as a self-cleaning oven, but you can also clean it as an easy clean oven and let me tell you why that's so important. As a consumer you cannot self clean with the racks inside your unit you have to take your racks out or otherwise you're going to dry out your ball bearings. Well taking these racks in and out is very difficult, and then you have to have a sink big enough to clean them in no matter what Pro range you have with our pro range you actually have the option to spray this unit with water, so no easy off.  You close no easy off you close it you set it for 13-14 minutes you come back and you wipe it clean. Now you can still self clean if you want to self clean as you know it's gonna heat up at home you're gonna have all the smell so during the holidays you know when you let that technicarions cooking and they have a pecan pie and all of a sudden it's a it's boiled over right and it's the beginning of the holiday. So they can actually get in there and clean that very quickly with minimal effort. 

How are much are people cooking at home now?

NM: Depending on the research, people are either cooking less or they're cooking more, and the folks who are cooking more serious about it what does the research show?

ZE: Well, we focus on a technicarion. So, the home chef that loves to cook. I do think that you have some consumers that are going to be using - during the week - but cooking at home on the weekends. But we really focus on that person that that home chef that loves to cook, and what we find is they want to eat healthier time. It is so important to them right, and one of the things you have a sous vide if you have so much more time because if you think about if you're entertaining family friends or neighbors and they're coming over and somebody gets hung up somebody comes late if you're cooking products in a traditional manner you can either have the meal ready too soon or you have the meal ready too late okay with sous-vide once you hit your temperature you can actually leave it at that temperature for another 30 45 minutes or an hour if you like and then take it out and finish it so I look at this unit is is also knowing the best culinary tool available for that technically today. But it's also a time saver for that time-starved consumer. 

NM: So when will this be available this would be available?

Ze: In Q2 this year. 

NM: okay, and it's going to be available designed showrooms?

ZE:  Yeah we use specialty retailers throughout the United States we currently have 220 locations, so we're in every state, in every major metropolitan area, and that's where the product can be purchased.  

NM: Okay, well, Zack thank you very much for taking us through the 36 inch sous-vide plus gas plus induction for a range Pro rage. Thank you.

ZE: Thank You, Nigel. I appreciate it.