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Jan 31, 2018

Video: A.O. Smith Introduces New Combi Boiler at IBS 2018


A.O. Smith brought a number of residential hot water innovations to the 2018 International Builders' Show (IBS) in Orlando, Fla.

The company's newest product is the ProLine XE Combi Boiler, a combination space and water heater. They were also showcasing their Product Preserver line, a pre-filter for tankless water heaters. Product Preserver treats water before it enters the tankless unit, fighting scale build-up and allowing the heater to run more efficiently and effectively. 

Watch the video to see these products in action and hear more about what's new for A.O. Smith in 2018.



Neil Smith is all things hot water. A. OSmith has tankless products tankless with integrated pumps that allow for water circulation around the home. A little known fact about tankless however is if it's a high scale market, and if you're not filtering it, you're going to affect the flow you're going to affect the efficiency. And ultimately that's what's going to cause the tankless water heater to fail. So we've started promoting a line. We're calling product for servers. It's a pre-filter for all of our tankless lines that you can install directly in line and it's going to filter the water before it goes into the
tankless and protect that tankless over time vertex technology we developed withthe US Department of Energy never can run that thing out of hot water the most current one that we're launching is a combi product is combination hydronic heating and domestic hot water all in one combined appliance it's a great product for those that are looking for a space-saving design we have three models with a fire tube design inside the product all made here in the United States our tagline for A. O Smith is innovation has a name the water heater is something that you're not thinking about on a day-to-day basis so for us it's about educating and raising awareness about these other technologies.

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