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Mar 8, 2018

Video: Boral Brings Innovation for Three Brands

Building products manufacturer Boral brought innovative products for three of its brands to the 2018 International Builders' Show. We caught up with senior product manager Aaron Sims to look at what's new for Kleer, Versetta Stone, and TruExterior.

Many of Boral's 2018 new offerings feature creative additions to their standard products. Recently acquired in an acquisition of the Tapco Group, Kleer, for example has introduced a new trim corner with a hidden nailing flange and a collated system to make using its trim fasteners easier. TruExterior has added a drainage and ventilation plane on the back of its standard Craftsman Collection siding, "to allow the product to breath, and allow the sheathing behind it to breathe, to provide a better insulation for the exterior envelope," says Sims.

The company also introduced its first new stone product since the inception of the Versetta Stone brand, called Carved Block. The larger format, modern look comes in two colors: sea salt and midnight.

Check out what we found at the Boral booth in the video above. 


We'll start with the clear products: we have a new clear corner with an integrated nailing strip that allows for hidden fastening he gives you a very nice clean finish the second product. We're introducing is the collated cortex system that's now available rather than chasing each plug down and tacking each one in you have a question system makes a little bit faster from the % of the product with the boar over said a stone we're introducing a new texture this is our first new texture since the product was actually launched called carved block the carved block represents a larger format more contemporary or commercial look and we're going to offer it in two color - exterior is a product that ball actually invented it's comprised mostly of recovered recycled coal fly ash which is a byproduct of power plants essentially does that breakdown that doesn't biodegrade it doesn't absorb moisture it's not a food source for insects.

So we've taken our craftsmen collection sodding shiplap your virile stick and the nickel gap and we've added a drainage and a ventilation plane on the back of the product to allow the product to breathe allow the sheathing behind it to breathe provide a better insulation for the exterior envelope.

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