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Feb 19, 2018

Video: Kohler Debuts New Products in Three Categories

The Kohler booth at KBIS 2018 held a collection of new products in a wide range of categories. We caught up with the teams behind the brand's bath faucets, kitchen faucets, and toilets at the show.

In the kitchen, Kohler has introduced major additions to its Simplice line of products, including a touchless and pro-style model. The newest offering in bath faucets is the Components Collection, which allows homeowners to mix and match three spouts and three widespread handle styles in a number of finishes.

Kohler is also introducing its new Corbelle toilet with Continuous Clean, an in-toilet cleaning system that can significantly reduce maintenance time for homeowners. 

See these new products in action in the video above.


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The new kitchen faucets the first one we're gonna look at here is the simply touch list so by putting my hand through there it just actually turns the faucet on and off very easy to actuate and again I don't have to touch the faucet myself when I've handled you know chicken or seafood or fish or things like that probably the most impressive one here is our simply semi pro faucet you've got your regular water flow option and then you've got your sweep spray so if you take a look at this you can almost kind of see it looks like a broom it's got that really nice spring action for me to work my way around the sink and then it docks nicely in place

What we want to show you today is the components collection it's the new contemporary mix-and-match collection we've got three different spouts to choose from rose foam tubes boat and ribbon spell you can pair those with any of our three handle choices this is the industrial handle we have an oil handle and then we have a lever handle if you like the single control you can pair it with this rocker handle the unique thing both a rocker handle is it has the ability to be mounted anywhere on the deck so you don't have to mount it for bad continuous clean is an in-tank cleaning system and you'll see that there are two solid States pucks you would go ahead and put just two of those in the reservoir the recommended setting is the two setting or the medium setting and what that equates to is about six parts per million of cleaning solution to water ratio which for most water types is roughly a ninety-nine point nine percent germ-free clean so this is a technology that we'll be launching in March of this year.