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Feb 26, 2018

Video: Neolith Introduces New Colors for 2018

We visited the Neolith booth at Design & Construction Week this year, where the brand was showing off its six new surfacing colors for 2018.

Mar Esteve, the director of marketing for Neolith, showed us around the new collection, which includes neutral tones in grays, tans, and browns. The brown shades that were featured are becoming particularly popular, she explained.

"[Dark brown] is a color which we're seeing becoming very, very trendy here in America," Esteve said. She also mentioned that each new color was designed to be flexible and easy to mix and match with other colors.

Esteve also pointed out the brand's recent partnership with Pureti, a coating which can be applied to surfaces to make them self-cleaning. The product reacts with sunlight to help clean the surface and the air around it.


We're featuring all the collection of 2018 all the new colors we have them here at the back we have retro stone which is based it's inspired interactions is the type of flooring that all of our grandmother's used to have and now it's coming back Marash which is inspiring a French limestone a little bit warm colors beige colors with a lot of movement we have Trotter it has a dark grey color with a bit of texture so when you touch it it really reminds you to the way in which this natural slate is supposed to to feel we also have collateral which is a dark brown marble coming from a very exclusive prairie in Spain and this is a color which we're seeing it becoming very very trendy also here in America lastly we're introducing two plane colors in a gloss finish with our nanotech polish a light grey and also like a light brownish. 

Purity they created a transparent coating that can be applied on our material and when the Sun hits the material it will have a self-cleaning effect meaning that the facades that we use for outer for example yes by being exposed to the Sun they will be self-cleaning itself so you will have less maintenance it also has a decontaminated effect meaning that it improves the air quality having forests 40 meters has the same cleaning effect of taking a car away from the from the traffic during one year or even planting a tree.

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