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Apr 22, 2019

Video: Tile Trends from Coverings 2019

We talked to the experts at Coverings 2019 to get a feel for what's trending in tile and stone. What we heard: Bold colors and prints, large formats, dark marbles, and creative takes on natural looks are big this year. Watch the video to learn more.



Well I have to say that every shade of blue is here at the show so so blue and just color in general I think you know because companies are investing a lot of money and new technology and production equipment you're able to get these really saturated hues things are extremely different this year there's an explosion of color an explosion of patterns you know we're seeing pinks which we never see in North America we're seeing oranges and yellows and vibrant florals mixed with plaids from florals to geometry to art deco to Art Nouveau the classic hydraulic cement to Moroccan new geometry for 2019 we're seeing a lot of darker marbles than before so it's a contrast from like the white Carrara type ones we've seen.

We've also seen a lot of terrazzo looks a lot of new takes on concrete looks like ones with like a concrete wood look a concrete stone fusion ones with like scrapes oxidation that look like they've weathered naturally there's a lot of a lot of texture as well so the pattern doesn't always have to be colored they can be in texture and using light and shadow in the same in the same color palette not like naturalistic you know material looks so your wood your marble that continues to evolve and company is kind of play with it in different ways some make these hyper realistic tiles and then others because they're digitally printed they could essentially create new material looks that don't even exist in nature I mean nature is a huge inspiration in the design industry in general so that's definitely reflected in the tile and also because a lot of companies produce the super thin panels it looks like ceramic wallpaper with a large format on gauge porcelain tile panels and slabs they can be as large as five by ten feet so I mean you can have a whole countertop island top with zero grout line people are using using tile for feature walls in their kitchen where it's it's not just you know a gray stone it's a floral pattern that goes from tile the tile the tile so I think it's it's kind of fun.

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