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Oct 26, 2017

Video: Victoria + Albert Showcase Newest Products at Roadshow

British bath maker Victoria + Albert is bringing its latest products straight to customers with its 2017 Roadshow. We caught up with the company in Chicago, where Eric Phelps, the director of sales for North America, gave us a tour around the showroom.

Victoria + Albert brought a number of their tubs with them, including the Eldon, Vetralla, and a built-in model from the Rossendale line. They also displayed their current faucet lines and painted sink finishes.

The real show stopper, though, was the K40 drain, debuting in the U.S. after years of success in the U.K., Phelps says. The drain automatically opens up under the weight of 15 ¾ inches of water depth. The powerful drain will allow water to flow out until it reaches a safe depth of 11 ¾ inches. If the water is not turned off, the drain can repeat this process indefinitely.

Watch the video to see the products in action and to hear more about what’s new from across the pond.



Victorine Albert is a British company, and we are most known for our freestanding tubs. We have really evolved into a high-end decorative bathroom brand today. What we have with us is a whole host of new products across all of our different categories. So in the basin category we're showing some of our painted options. We also are showing some of our top sinks as well as our larger bases within the tub category. We've got some new affordable luxury products that are price points a little bit better than what people are used to from Victorian Albert. We have our furniture and our faucets here as well. The most innovative product we're showing here today is our new kit forty drain. It really changes the way overflows are viewed with the kid 40 drain there's no longer the requirement for the traditional overflow, and that's because your drain acts as your overflow.