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Apr 9, 2018

Video: Viking Shows Off Residential Appliances at Chicago Showroom

Viking Range, a subsidiary of the Middleby Corp., is showing off a host of appliances at Middleby's new Chicago showroom. 

In addition to Viking, the showroom, located in Chicago's Merchandise Mart, is home to several residential kitchen brands that now fall under the Middleby umbrella, such as La Cornue, U-Line, and Lynx. Middleby, a company that has traditionally focused on commercial kitchen manufacturing, has entered the residential market in the last five years with the acquisition of brands like Viking.

Jaime Laurita, the Chicago showroom's creative director, showed us the latest appliance technology from Viking, including BlueZone preservation in the 7 Series refrigeration and the microwave-boosted TurboChef Oven. Watch the video above to hear from Jaime and see the latest Viking appliances in action.


Middle B is a company that is a world leader in commercial technology and innovation middle B now is into the residential realm and they purchased major brands like lecornu and Viking what we like to showcase in our showroom are the three different series from Viking our three series our five series in our seven series so some of the newest products from Viking range is things that you'd see like in our seventh series the seventh series range is a range that you typically see in a very high-end kitchen the chrome griddle that's on the top that is comes as an option gives you perfect searing also in the seventh series we offer the new blue zone technology that completely strips air particles mold spores ethylene gas anything from the air inside the refrigerator that attacks food and significantly extends and prolongs the life of food in your refrigerator I just love the new turbo chef from Viking it's a microwave convection oven what it does is it gives all the food items that you're putting into the oven a microwave boost that helps cook food faster for example a 15 pound turkey that you would put in the oven normally would take over 2 hours can be cooked to perfection in about 40 minutes.

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