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Feb 20, 2020

Viewrail Unveils New Terrace Floating Stair System at IBS 2020

Staircase manufacturer Viewrail unveiled at the International Builders’ Show a new modern staircase featuring a mono-stringer and top and bottom wood sections that make the assembly appear to float.

“A stunningly beautiful wood waterfall modern design stairway with no visible means of support,” the company says. “That’s what Viewrail’s new Terrace floating stair system delivers.”

Connecting only to the floor at the bottom of the stairway and to the head at the top, the Terrace stairway give the appearance that is rises cleanly from one floor to the next and with no visible fasteners. It consists of a single tube steel stringer that the company creates using shop drawings. Once the stringer is bolted in place, the stair sections are fastened to the stringer, with the top section of treads first followed by the underneath section. Viewrail says the stairs are shipped in six to eight sections, depending on the specific project specifications. Installation of the handrail and sides of the stacked boxes completes the installation process.

Viewrail Terrace Stairway installation Blue walls Eames chairs

The beauty of the Terrace stairs, the company says is that system does not require any special skills to install. That’s because all of the engineering, cutting, sanding, and finishing is done in the Viewrail factory. “There are no decisions to make on fastener type, size, or location as that is part of the Viewrail engineering process,” the company says. “All fasteners are included and locations are clearly noted and pre-drilled.”

Offering a sleek modern design, Terrace offers 15 wood species, including red or white oak, hard maple, American cherry, hickory, and walnut and almost any stain color. The glass railing is made from substantial tempered glass railings and is designed so the glass appears to be slicing through the treads.

Every Terrace stairway is custom-designed and engineered specifically for each installation, the company says. Plus, all components, including a hidden steel stringer, treads, risers, glass railing, and handrail are delivered directly to the job site. Installation can be accomplished by a crew of three carpenters in about six hours.

Lead time for the system takes about three weeks from the time a customer approves final shop drawings.

Nigel F. Maynard

Nigel F. Maynard is the Editor of PRODUCTS. 

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