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Oct 22, 2020

Viewrail Introduces Vedera Glass Railing System

Viewrail FLIGHT with Vedera Glass Side View

Staircase components manufacturer Viewrail has introduced a new glass railing system for use with the company’s Flight floating stairways.

The Vedera glass system utilizes Viewrail’s tempered, low-iron Starphire glass and a unique hidden fastener to create an unexpected marriage of glass and wood,” the company says. “Eliminating all extraneous elements and completely hiding the fasteners that hold the glass to the thick wood treads produces an uncluttered stairway perfect for today’s modern, open-concept architecture.”

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Viewrail FLIGHT with Vedera Glass Bottom

Goshen Ind.-based Viewrail has built a reputation with its gravity-defying modern floating stair system that uses a mono stringer and wood. The new glass railing fits seamlessly into the stair system. “Does the glass railing rise out of the treads or do the treads magically float on the glass railing?” the company’s press release says. “Either way you look at it, Viewrail’s Vedera glass railing system adds even more visual interest to the Flight floating stair system, providing an exceptionally clear, unencumbered line of sight.

To accomplish the look, the company uses proprietary hardware that integrates the glass directly with the treads. All fasteners are hidden behind end slices from the exact same treads, ensuring a single continuous wood grain that carries seamlessly “through” the glass. Rather than terminate the glass railing above the top of the treads, the Vedera design continues the glass below the bottom edge of the tread for increased safety and security.

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A round or square stainless steel cap rail or a square wood cap rail that matches the treads can be added on top of the glass to provide a handrail without requiring any posts for support.

“Viewrail exclusively uses low-iron glass in all glass railing products,” the company says. “It offers more visible light transmittance than other types of glass, without the green tint common with standard float glass.

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The Vedera system typically utilizes ½-inch tempered glass and is priced about 25% more than other railing options. Every glass railing is custom-engineered for each individual installation, while the Flight floating stair system includes a choice of 15 wood species, including red or white oak, hard maple, walnut, and hickory. Each specie can be finished in virtually any color stain desired, but unfinished wood components are also available. The stringer, made of mild steel, is available in eleven standard colors.

Viewrail says its unique staircase design is made affordable by combining design and engineering expertise, in-house manufacturing of all components, project consultation, plus shipping—all from a single company—and is available exclusively at The company provides assistance at every step, from cost estimating and guidance on measuring to color and finish recommendations and installation information.

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“All components, including the glass railing panels, are precision engineered and manufactured in a specialized Viewrail facility,” the company explains. “The components are carefully packaged and delivered directly to the job site, ready for installation. Each piece is clearly marked for easy identification, and all required holes are pre-drilled. Installation is accomplished by a crew of three carpenters in about a single day. There is no onsite welding or wood finishing required.”

Custom manufacturing of each system takes about three weeks from the time a customer approves final shop drawings. Experienced Viewrail staff works with every customer to ensure that measurements are complete and correct and that the proper blocking at the footer and header is correctly positioned.

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