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Dec 9, 2018

Vinotemp Launches New Kitchen Appliance Line

Vinotemp Designer Series Brama Stainless Dishwasher front

Wine cooling products maker Vinotemp has ventured into new categories with the launch of a new dishwasher.

An all-stainless dishwasher is the first product in the new line of kitchen appliances, Brama by Vinotemp.

“We’re excited to announce Brama appliances by Vinotemp with the launch of the Brama Stainless Dishwasher as it marks a new milestone for our company,” states India Hynes, Vinotemp CEO. “As the name ‘Brama’ implies, the appliances are strong, and we’ve dedicated years of research to ensure their strength is balanced with sleek design.”


Vinotemp Designer Series Brama Stainless Dishwasher interior

The Energy Star-certified dishwasher offers a multitude of features, including capacity for 16 place settings. It offers a third rack, a flexible racking system to accommodate tall dishes, and a stainless steel door. A self-cleaning multi-filter system reduces the amount of water used to clean a load.

Operating at 44 decibels, the dishwasher also offers six washing options, six cycle selections, and a turbidity sensor to customize and enhance cleaning.


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