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Nov 14, 2019

Walker Zanger Introduces New Large Tiles in Botanical Pattern

Walker Zanger Botanicals Tahiti Large Format Tile

Walker Zanger releases new large format tile collection in botanical patterns.

Tile and stone specialist Walker Zanger has released a new large-format decorative collection that features colorful floral and leafy prints.

“Designers have been craving more large-format tile options because, like wallpaper, they bring eye-catching statements in color and pattern to any space,” says Erika Egede-Nissen, director of marketing at Walker Zanger. “We’re delighted to offer this whimsically elegant new collection that empowers designers to experiment with prints in tile format.”


The Botanicals Collection, the company says, consists of 24-by-48-inch porcelain tiles that come in two nostalgic designs: Tahiti and Blush Peony. Jared Becker, the vice president of design at Walker Zanger, says the company took cues from the popularity of botanical prints in high-end fashion when they decided to feature plants. From there, they zeroed in on tropical leaves and the peony to decorate their maximalistic tiles.

Walker Zanger Peony Large Format Tiles

Walker Zanger Peony Tiles

“The large leaf pattern is a classic one, going as far back as Dorothy Draper and the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, so the Tahiti seemed a natural choice,” Becker says. “The Peony was chosen to offer a softer counterpoint to the Tahiti and is a flower I have always loved.”

Becker says the design team chose porcelain as it allowed the company to design a larger print than using standard ceramics. The tiles are durable enough to use in indoor and outdoor locations.

Tahiti’s tropical leaves come in matte and gloss. Blush Peony comes in matte. The company suggests using the tiles in both residential and commercial projects. Also included in the collection are matte black and white square tiles measuring 24 by 24 inches. All tiles are ⅜ inch thick. 

Walker Zanger Tahiti Large Format Tiles

Walker Zanger Tahiti Tiles


Other Walker Zanger collections in its “Nostalgic Maximalism” style include Kaleidoscope, featuring porcelain triangular tiles, and Biseau, which uses beveled tiles with a mirror finish.