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Feb 5, 2018

What’s the Most Popular Kitchen Layout?

L-shaped, farmhouse-style kitchen in Montana

Remodeling a kitchen involves many decisions, including what layout to use and what style the space will have.

Houzz’s recently released 2018 consumer research has some answers to these questions.

Houzz recently surveyed more than 1,700 homeowners in various stages of a kitchen renovation project as part of its 2018 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study. Among other things, the study asked the homeowners about the layouts, storage solutions and design styles they chose for their remodel. The answers offer a look at what’s popular now in American kitchens.

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The U shape and G shaped kitchens are 90% of my reasons for doing kitchen guts. The other 10% is due to appliance replacement related issues. The transformation to the L shape with and island increases the function 10 fold. That does not even take in to account the upgrade in the aesthetic. I have a good friend that is a local realtor come through a house I recently converted from a U to an L with a large island. She was shocked at the difference the layout made and moreover it assure a much higher value to the home. He comment was " wow there is hope for the common house. This looks like a custom home and will sell like one."

As a side note: The couple was thrilled with the results but there was however a surprising benefit they never expected. The island gave this newly opened space a strong hold. No matter where in the kitchen the elderly Husband was he had a place to grab or lean against if he felt unsteady. Older Baby Boomers take note. The L shape with an island works on every level.

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