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Dec 17, 2020

YOURspace Launches Office Pods for Growing Work-From-Home Market

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YOURspace, a Fort Wayne, Ind.-based provider of modular office pod solutions for workspaces, has launched a new collection of products for the home.

The pods are a series of quick-setting modular, customizable units that create space for optimal home offices, the company says.

“Now more than ever, organizations and individuals are trying to balance productivity, wellness, and practicality as they work in socially distanced group settings such as corporate offices, schools, or universities as well as in homes and apartments that are ill-equipped for privacy,” says David Faust, CEO of YOURspace. “Tough to accomplish without the right tools or kit of parts. That is where YOURspace can help.”

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Times have changed, and the pandemic is forcing individuals to look for private spaces in their homes to work. Some people are looking for solutions that fall somewhere between architecture and furniture to achieve flexible, changeable workstations that allow for activity-based collaboration and independent work, the company says. “Similarly, individuals at-home seek a private, quiet, comfortable, aesthetically attractive space where they can focus. Still, many do not have access to a dedicated home office and cannot afford the renovation costs to create one.”

YOURspace says it has found a solution. Its new modular office structures is designed for organizations and individuals who need to create productive workspaces in a variety of situations. Based on a proprietary extrusion system allowing customization and easy installation, upkeep, mobility, and reconfigurability, YOURspace office pods come in four-sided and two-sided models ranging in size from 5 feet by 3 feet 5 inches up to 11 feet 3 inches by 8 feet 4 inches.

The company says the pods offer a handful of benefits: They are ergonomic, offering adjustable height desks and dimmable light; versatile (offered in a variety of sizes), quiet (with sound dampening), and private (with everything users need in one place.

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The products are designed with ergonomics and sustainability in mind, the company says. They are equipped with user-friendly features such as adjustable desks, shelves, lighting, sound deadening, ventilation, and a centralized electrical panel for power access. Customers can choose from over a dozen interior and exterior panel finishes for aesthetics or function, such as a whiteboard or push pinboards.

YOURspace office pods have been developed with design and manufacturing partner Highmark TechSystems, a leading supplier of innovative modular systems for indoor and outdoor structures and architecture. With 20+ years of experience creating structures that set-up, re-configure, and dismantle quickly, Highmark has leveraged its proprietary systems technology into the YOURspace product line.

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“YOURspace modular office solutions are an ideal use of Highmark’s proven extrusion-based systems technology,” says Debbie Parrott, president and CEO of Highmark. “The same benefits of versatility, flexibility, customization, and ease-of-use and -maintenance that Highmark’s exhibit and event customers have enjoyed for years is now available for the workplace and home through YOURspace.”

All models, finishes, upgrades, and accessories are available on the website.

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