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Jun 30, 2019

Ruvati Unveils New Black Finish for the Fiamma Fireclay Sinks

Ruvati Fiamma Farmhouse Sink black angle Flat front Silo

Kitchen and bath products manufacturer Ruvati has unveiled a new black finish for the Fiamma Fireclay sink to meet the growing demand for dark colors.

“The Fiamma Collection is already popular for its modern twist on the traditional farmhouse sink, and the trend toward black kitchen sinks is rapidly gaining ground for both practical and aesthetic reasons,” the company says. “By bringing the two looks together, Ruvati has once again proven itself a fashionforward leader in the design industry.”

Black was hardly seen on building products for many years, but today it is one of the hottest colors in the kitchen and bath and beyond, including faucets, hardware, and exterior windows. The new black sink, Ruvati says, meets the demand.

Ruvati Fiamma Farmhouse SInk black Installation white kitchen

“This is a smart choice for someone who wants to add drama to the kitchen,” says Ruben Gonzales, national sales manager for Ruvati. “The black finish is so rich and elegant—very luxurious yet also extremely durable. It would look fantastic in an all-white kitchen for maximum contrast or in a kitchen done in shades of gray or earth tones for a warmer effect.”

Fiamma, Ruvati says, is notable for its signature farmhouse style with the traditional apron-front design. The company added an extra design twist by incorporating a reversible option that allows the choice of a smooth flat finish on the apron front or a decorative fluted motif. In addition to the new black option, the sink is also available in Crackled White or a Coastal Shabby Chic in soft blue, as well as Horizon Gray and the traditional white and biscuit.

“Fireclay sinks have been beloved in Europe for more than 200 years,” the company says. “The Fiamma Collection continues that tradition with skilled Italian artisans who handcraft the sinks from raw, naturally white clay. The Ruvati method includes firing the clay at over 2900 degrees Fahrenheit in a proprietary process that fuses the clay to an enamel surface resistant to chips, cracks and scratches.”

Fiamma sinks come in 30- and 33-inch widths as well as in single- and double-bowl configurations. The sinks feature a 10-inch bowl and an optional stainless-steel bottom rinse grid that protects the surface and doubles as a drying rack.


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