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Mar 14, 2023

Agape Presents Undici Inox Freestanding: An Exploration on Form and Color

Agape Presents Undici Inox Freestanding

Image courtesy Agape

Both versatile and transversal, the Undici Inox series of washbasins by Benedini Associati expands with a new freestanding version.

Agape Presents Undici Inox FreestandingA natural evolution resulting from Agape’s incessant investigation around its designs, which are lasting and timeless precisely because they are open to change and open to new possibilities. A sculptural piece in its essentiality, the new freestanding basin accentuates the geometric character of Undici Inox. The basin with a clean, rounded shape in stainless steel or brushed brass engages via a simple connector on the painted metal column. The junction element to the floor is also minimal, in a lean and practical architectural composition.

“The idea of designing the freestanding version of Undici Inox takes its inspiration from the diffused bathroom trend. Increasingly, storage furniture is moving into adjacent spaces, such as the bedroom. The washstand can then focus on its specific function, becoming lighter and simpler. In its simplicity, it enhances the bathroom while offering greater freedom of movement than the traditional washbasin. In any case, it can be paired with the new column-mounted countertop, which recalls its structure and functions as a vanity tray,” says Giampaolo Benedini.

Together with form, Undici Inox freestanding explores color, with multiple interpretations and possible combinations that balance the rigour of its design. The inside of the bowl keeps the steel or brushed brass finish, while the outside is painted in the same shade as the collar and column. The sophisticated color palette includes pink, green, purple, orange and black, and customization with RAL colors is also provided. The stainless steel or brass profile around the top edge of the bowl traces a graphic line that gently contrasts with the tinted surface.

Essential and discreet, functional and adaptable, Undici Inox freestanding is a new expression of Agape’s dynamic and timeless aesthetic.