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Jul 23, 2018

Antoniolupi Design Debuts Lighted Overhead Shower

Antonio Lupi Lumen Red showerhead

Lumen, a new overhead shower from Antonio Lupi, includes nozzles arranged around a colored LED element.

The manufacturer says the product offers water, color, well-being, and relaxation for body and mind.

“The relaxation guaranteed by Lumen combines the well-being of water with the effects of chromotherapy,” the brand says.


Antonio Lupi Lumen Green shower

Made from white-painted stainless steel and featuring an LED RGB diode, the unit measures almost 24 inches in diameter. It comes as a recessed ceiling installation and includes a waterproof remote control.

One of the special features of the product, the company explains, is the arrangement of the jets. The water converges towards the center, as if attracted by a "magnetic field," but it’s based on the orientation, the company says.

“The image of the showerhead in function characterizes the bathroom giving it a sophisticated elegance and an aura of magic,” Antonio Lupi says.

Antonio Lupi Lumen yellow shower


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