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Nov 10, 2021

Bakes & Kropp Introduces New Finishes for Custom Cabinetry

The brand’s bespoke kitchen cabinets are now available in black matte and black satin paint, as well as cinder stain

Bakes & Kropp, a full-service luxury kitchen design and cabinetry company, is excited to unveil three new cabinet finishes available for all custom kitchens: Black Matte Paint 9017, Black Satin Paint 9018, and Cinder Stain 9213. The new offerings demonstrate the brand’s understanding of contemporary design and present a stark contrast to the iconic Bakes & Kropp all-white kitchen.

“Our new finishes have an understated elegance perfect for creating a timeless and classic ambiance,” said Bob Bakes, co-founder and head of design, Bakes & Kropp. “While the all-white kitchen is as relevant as ever, we are inspired by our client’s willingness to become more adventurous in their design choices and experiment with new colors, textures, and styles.”

black satin paint from blakes and kroppBlack Matte Paint 9017

Designed to elevate and provide additional depth, Black Matte Paint 9017 was developed with the clout of European-style kitchens top of mind. Visually interesting on its own, Black Matte Paint 9017 also pairs well with dark woods, metallic hardware, and veined marble backsplashes, a staple of classic Bakes & Kropp custom kitchen designs. 

black matte paint from bakes and kroppBlack Satin Paint 9018

Designed to be Black Matte Paint 9017’s glossier sibling, Black Satin Paint 9018 is ideal for contemporary or modern kitchens that need a little extra shine. Black Satin Paint 9018 allows for some light to bounce around the room while maintaining a highly sophisticated, sleek, and luxurious effect. 

cindee stain paint from bakes and kroppCinder Stain 9213

Cinder Stain 9213 is a neutral gray, achromatic color that offers a brighter, more transitional take on the dark kitchen trend. Generously complimenting stunning sliced walnut wood grain textures throughout Bakes & Kropp cabinet offerings, Cinder Stain 9213 is the perfect addition to an all-white kitchen and dark hardwood floors. 


Bakes & Kropp continues to advance its product offerings at the highest quality. Following the official launch of the new finishes at New York Design Center’s “What’s New What’s Next,” Black Matte, Black Satin, and Cinder Stain are available for all future custom kitchen projects. While the all-white Bakes & Kropp kitchen remains evergreen, Bakes & Kropp’s new finishes are indicative of the brand’s commitment to versatility and to meeting evolving client needs.