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Jan 31, 2023

Bemis Manufacturing Company to Launch Greenleaf, 100% Recycled Toilet Seat

greenleaf's 100% recycled plastic seat is expected to launch in spring 2023

Sheboygan Falls, Wis — Bemis Manufacturing Company, a leading bidet and toilet seat manufacturer, announces that Greenleaf, a new 100% recycled plastic seat, is expected to launch in spring 2023. The durable seat and cover are made from 100% post-industrial recycled plastic.

Bemis Manufacturing Company to Launch Greenleaf, 100% Recycled Toilet SeatIn the United States, about 40 million tons of plastic waste are created annually; of that, only 5 to 6%, or about two million tons, are recycled. Bemis has a demonstrated commitment to repurposing materials and using sustainable practices to manufacture its products, making Greenleaf a natural fit for the company’s mission of sustainability and reducing landfill waste.

Greenleaf is designed with modern lines and a subtle, wrapped cover that delivers a streamlined feel. It features Bemis’s patented STAY-TITE installation system that ensures the seat will never loosen or shift with use. The seat features adjustability during installation for the perfect bowl fit and slow-close hinges that eliminate slamming. It is available in white in elongated.

“Our goal is to manufacture products in a responsible way that preserves our environment,” said Lisa Burns, market and product development manager for Bemis. “Greenleaf, our 100% recycled seat, is made responsibly, from both a waste reclamation standpoint and from a customer-backed perspective.”