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Oct 26, 2023

Brava Roof Tile Qualifies for FORTIFIED Roof

Brava Roof Tile Qualifies for FORTIFIED Roof

Image: Brava Roof Tile

WASHINGTON, Iowa — Brava Roof Tile, a manufacturer of high-performance synthetic roofing in the United States, has announced its roofing solutions have qualified for the new FORTIFIED Roofing Program by FORTIFIED Roof. This new program aims to empower homeowners to safeguard their properties against severe weather events while also unlocking significant financial benefits, including grants and insurance policy discounts.

Initiated by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), the FORTIFIED Roofing Program is a voluntary construction and re-roofing program dedicated to strengthening homes and commercial buildings against a wide range of severe weather conditions, such as high winds, hail, hurricanes, and tornadoes. A FORTIFIED-certified roof has stronger edges, creating robust protection, seals the roof deck to prevent water intrusion, and ensures superior attachment methods for roofing materials. It also incorporates impact-resistant shingles to withstand hail and debris, and features wind and rain-resistant attic vents, safeguarding homes from potential damage and leaks during severe storms. 

The FORTIFIED Roofing Program offers a network of specialized contractors trained to implement the necessary upgrades tailored to the specific weather challenges faced by a given location. Participants gain access to a resilient construction standard developed from extensive scientific research conducted by IBHS. Additionally, homeowners receive third-party verification to ensure that the construction materials and installation methods used on their properties meet the rigorous standards required for a FORTIFIED designation certificate, guaranteeing increased protection against severe weather events. 

The FORTIFIED Roofing Program has the potential to earn up to $10,000 in grant money towards roofing projects and savings of up to 80% on property insurance. Some insurance carriers, such as State Farm, offer national benefits for homeowners' insurance policies. The FORTIFIED Roofing Program offers notable benefits in specific regions. More regional details can be found on

Brava is dedicated to providing top-tier roofing solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. The company's qualifying products, including Cedar Shake, Slate, and Spanish Tile, meet the high standards required for the FORTIFIED Roof designation. 

“We look forward to helping homeowners across the country enhance the protection and value of their properties while enjoying significant cost savings,” says Adam Brantman, President of Brava. “Together with the FORTIFIED Roofing Program, Brava is committed to making homes more resilient and safer against extreme weather events.”

Property owners interested in joining the FORTIFIED Roofing Program should start by contacting their insurance agency to explore potential discounts available in their specific geographic location. It's advisable to shop around for agencies offering the best rates and to investigate the eligibility for grants, incentives, state or federal tax benefits, and deductions. Contractors looking to participate need to complete the relevant remote training course tailored to their profession (roofer, evaluator, or professional) and area (hurricane or high wind). Successful certification requires passing the FORTIFIED certification test. Contractors should also reach out to a FORTIFIED evaluator before commencing a Brava project and can contact Brava tech services for any questions related to FORTIFIED project installations.