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Jun 20, 2023

CertainTeed Introduces Solstice Shingle and Solstice Panel

CertainTeed Introduces Solstice Shingle and Solstice Panel

Image: CertainTeed

While the summer solstice allows us to enjoy some extra sunshine on the longest day of the year, it also gives us an opportunity to think of ways to harvest energy from the sun through solar solutions.

CertainTeed’s newest innovations, Solstice Shingle and Solstice Panel, are revolutionizing the way homeowners utilize power from the sun’s rays and setting course for the future of roofing across the country.

Solstice is one of the most technologically advanced and reliable solar solutions on the market, delivering powerful solar energy production in a sleek, low-profile roofing system. Leveraging its deep expertise in roofing material design, CertainTeed developed Solstice to offer solutions that complement a home’s aesthetic and durability to ensure it can weather years of changing seasons and challenging conditions. Available as seamlessly integrated shingles and in stylish all-black, high-efficiency panels, Solstice provides an option for everyone.